Monday, March 12, 2012

New recruitment firms set to start operations

The 13 recruitment companies that were given preliminary licenses will commence operations soon and will rent foreign workers and maids to interested Saudi and foreign clients at monthly payments ranging between SR1,000 and SR1,200, local daily Al-Madinah reported yesterday. It was quoting an official source at the Labor Ministry.

The source, however, said the monthly salaries would be fixed according to the theory of supply and the cost of recruitment.

"The companies will enable citizens and expatriates to hire foreign manpower with various professions except the specialized jobs, such as doctors and engineers, without incurring any additional costs like the Iqama and visa fees," he said.

The source explained the companies would be committed to provide suitable and safe accommodation for the foreign manpower under their sponsorship.

He said any of the recruitment companies should consist of at least five recruitment offices and added that each company would be given 1,000 work visas for each of its offices.

"The establishment of the companies was aimed at organizing the import of qualified manpower and to provide professional services," he said.

Meanwhile, director of information and public relations Hattab bin Saleh Al-Anzi, who is the ministry's official spokesman, said the ministry would hold workshops and meetings with representatives of the companies and the National Recruitment Committee of the Saudi Council of Chambers to discuss problems facing the establishment of the companies and other issues, including provision of accommodation for foreign manpower.

He said the paid-up capital of each company wishing to import workers and housemaids should not be less than SR50 million, while that of companies wishing to recruit foreign manpower for the public sector should not be less than SR100 million.

The spokesman explained that the companies, covering various regions of the Kingdom, should commence activities a year after obtaining the final licenses.

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