Wednesday, August 24, 2011

USE YOUTUBE TO LEARN AND EARN MONEY,instead of waisted time

I am sure, most of you would be using Youtube as major source of entertainment, and must be unaware of its major advantages (yes, i am sure some of you must be un-aware).
Today, youtube has become like a T.V channel, where most of people are wasting there valueable time watching Movies, Drama episodes and junk videos. I consider such activities as complete waste of time, as well as your energy.

Did you ever realized that this same portal could in-fact help you learn some great things, and help you earn money online.
Now Let’s say you wanna become a good Photoshop designer, but you have an excuse that you cannot be a good designer because you do not have a teacher… Well this is no more an excuse, because almost anything you want to learn today, and its their on Youtube.

Example: search for ‘photoshop tutorials’ and you are shown with hundreds of tutorial links on following url:

Their could be several other things which you might want to learn, such as setting up your own website, web designing, php programming, setting up your own wordpress blog etc etc… (these are one of simplest things).

OR You can learn Playing Guitar to Expert Driving to Tips on Skydiving… my point here is to tell you that, make best use of this and don’t waste your time on useless stuff (i mean entertainment), because you must have already wasted a lot.
You can also search Google for anything you want to learn and that comes to your mind.. and i am sure, that could help a lot in taking yourself into a new direction, and you might build your interest in new ways to make money online

The choice is yours, that you want to waste your time, or make best use of it by practically learning something using Youtube and Google. That’s all i wanna say for today, and i hope you will make best use of my advice.

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