Sunday, December 25, 2011

Why This Kolaveri Di Arabic Version with lyrics.flv

Why this khalli walli ARABIC VERSION very awesome by PAKISTANI GUY FAEZ CHAUDARY.In one week Impressive views and this song is playing everywhere in Saudi Arabia & Gulf.FAEZ CHAUDARY become very famous.Views in one week 602,996 with 900 LIKES.
اسم الأغنية : خلي ولي
بصوت وكلمات الفنان : فايز شودري
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This Kafeel Wear White
Heart All Black
He Is Every Day Bla Bla Bla Bla
This Person is Greedy
No Money , No Food
Im Poor Crying
No Rest , No Sleep
What is this Habeebi
Why This Khalli Walli Khalli Wallii Khalli Walli

baba baba baba baba , This Kafeel is a PROBLEM Work too much , Salary Not , All Salary Where ?
Making Tea , Washing Car , Cleaning all the house
Human Human i am Human , Not An Animal oh Mudeer
Mama Mama My Mama , Sick too much oh Kafeel
this guy is not good , what to do tell me ?
i dont want work same same , i go back to my county
Why This Khalli Walli Khalli Wallii Khalli Walli



  2. hey look right side Popular Post list you are in the All time Top 10 most viewed posts.Also Most viewed in MONTH,WEEK,DAY.


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  3. Can i get these lyrics in arabic.

    1. Aamna check his Facebook page or you tube you can ask him about this.