Wednesday, March 21, 2012

12 Signs your falling in Love.. ♥

12 Signs your falling in Love.. ♥
1. You'll Read His/Her Texts; Over and
Over again.
2. You'll Walk Really Really Slow; While
you're with Him/Her.
3. You'll Pretend 2 be Shy; Whenever
you're with Him/Her.
4. While Thinking about Him/ Her; your
Heart will Beat faster and faster.
5. By Listening to His/Her Voice; you'll
Smile for no Reason.
6. While Looking at Him/Her; you cant
see the Other People around you, you
can Only See that Person.
7. You'll Start Listening to SLOW Songs.
8. He/She becomes all you Think about.
9. You'll get High just by Their Smell.
10. You'll Realize that; you're always
Smiling to yourself; When you Think
about Them.
11. You'll Do anything for Him/ Her.
12. While Reading this, There was One
Person on your Mind the Whole Time..
♥ ;p
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