Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain in Riyadh Saudi Arabia Today at four fifty PM WAOOOOO.mp4


Friday, April 22, 2011

Moin Akhtar A Great Legend Passed Away.

Legend actor ,A great comedian moin akhtar passes away!
Allah unki maghfirat farmaey amin

May Allah give him a place in "Jannat-ul-Firdos(Aamin)

Here in this video u can see his artistic careeer journey to his success...No dought a great great actor and personality left us.....No one fulfill this loss..


Thursday, April 21, 2011

10 Feng Shui Tips for a Better Life

10 Feng Shui Tips for a Better Life

Ever walked into a house that felt like home? Ever reminisced about the best year of your life, and wondered why everything came together for you? It could be Feng Shui.

Simply put, Feng Shui is about creating a harmonious environment. It’s the ancient Chinese Science and Art of placement, intended to improve our health, harmony, longevity, career and wealth.

Pronounced, “Fung Shway”, it was a jealously guarded secret for thousands of years. Now, the benefits of Feng Shui can be enjoyed by anyone. In fact, Feng Shui is a part of everyday life for many Australian businesses, home owners, decorators, and architects.

June from June Turner Designs and Lifestyles has been an expert Feng Shui practitioner for 13 years. “Feng Shui can be simple or involved – whatever you’re comfortable with. Decorate a room or buy a home that is perfect for your family.”

The key is energy (or Qi “Chee”). June offers ten quick tips that can improve the flow, transformation, and containment of Qi in your life:

1) Remove shoes before entering a home. Don’t take your problems in with you.

2) Cook at least one meal a day and eat at the table as a family.

3) Never have knives on show – even in a block.

4) Always sit or stand facing the door (or its reflection).

5) Keep the toilet lid down and bathroom and laundry doors closed.

6) Don't sleep under white blankets or doonas.

7) Don't sleep with your feet facing the bedroom door.

8) Don't sleep next to the wall that has the metre box on it.

9) If your front door is in line with a tree or the door of the house opposite, place a Ba Gua mirror above the outside of the door.

10) Never have a Ba Gua mirror in the house. They are far too powerful.

It’s no coincidence that some of these tips are just common sense. You’ve probably been practising Feng Shui for years without even knowing it!

According to June, “this is just the tip of the iceberg. Just a few little changes can make the world of difference. But most solutions are specific to the individual.”

From: Raymond Woo - Author of "26 Secrets from the Orient...Feng Shui"

12 Simple Rules to Help You Live Longer

The purpose of this blog is to help everyone live up to more than 100 years old, so when I saw an article from Lifehacker on how to live forever, that's really a few levels higher than what I've got here.

A summary would be that if you live by 12 simple rules, you might just live longer (not forever though).

1) No Smoking (huge health risk)
2) No Heavy Drinking (huge health risk)
3) Have Sex (yeah...)
4) No Snacking (not that much at least)
5) Exercise (it's like sports, the more you do, the easier and better you feel)
6) Sleep a lot (you'll wake up feeling great)
7) Regular Flow of Waste (get the waste out of your body regularly)
8) Feel Gratitude (you'll feel alot happier)
9) Mental Exercises (train your brain)
10) Avoid Hospitals (it's easier to catch diseases at such places)
11) Cleanliness (and you'll smell much better too)
12) Avoid Accidents (wear your seatbelts, wait for the green man)


Friday, April 15, 2011

5 Powerful Fat-Fighting Spices

5 Powerful Fat-Fighting Spices by Jon Benson Parsley: Improves digestion so you can use the foods you eat. The more food you "use" the less you store as bodyfat. Basil: Known to us pros as the "secret" appetite-suppressing herb. Yep... it makes you feel more full. Fantastic for killing those late-night carbohydrate cravings. Oregano: Reduces bloating! I love that. When you are cutting body fat, you often get tricked into believing belly bloat is belly "fat"... but it's not. It's water pulled in from cells during fat loss processes. Oregano helps reduce it. Rosemary: Helps keep you calm and lowers the bellyfat-storing hormone "cortisol". It's nature's best cortisol-lowering spice. Black Pepper: Known fatburner, and it just tastes really good. Plus a really powerful anti- oxidant!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bookies already fix the match Pak India

PAK vs IND REALITY...Gameplan or Political plan!

To Afridi we Love u.....PAK vs IND REALITY...Gameplan or Political plan!

To Afridi we Love u.....PAK vs IND REALITY...Gameplan or Political plan!
By Zeeshan Ul Qayyum!/notes/zeeshan-ul-qayyum/to-afridi-we-love-upak-vs-ind-realitygameplan-or-political-plan/1950898812690

  1. why AFRIDI refused to go on the tour of WESTINDIES which is starting APRIL 17 after world cup??
  2. why afridi cry before match???
  3. Why AFRIDI gave a ANGRY luk at VIP ROOM aftr losing his wicket??
  4. Why AFRIDI give a ANGRY look at the VIP ROOM after losing the MATCH??
  5. Why Afridi says SORRY to the nation??
  6. What was the masseg convey to umar akmal during GLOVED CHANGED that he bowled out on the next delievery??
  7. Now indians r ready for table talk + CRICKET SERIES + water for RAVI RIVER why..???
  8. Jst think what AFRIDI wants to say to the NATION??

8 Catches Droped.25 runs ov Extras.GuL 7 Ovrs for 70 runs.Younas n Misbah batng

How can this happen guyx

conferm reports ABOUT MAFIA & PAK GOVERMENT....Afridi was not invovled....:((

jst read it

jst remember ur PCB head is ASIF ALI ZARDARI

indian media reports PAK will win da match & INDIA WILL LOSE....(ON THE BASE OF MAFIA PROPAGANDA TO MAKE PAK FAV)



PRESIDENT ASIF ALI ZARDARI & his CO PARTY MEMMBERS with the help ov MAFIA they also start betting but ON INDIA'S WIN...

They PRESSURISED AFRIDI ELEVEN to lose the match with the help of GILLANI by saying that they have to lose to bring nations CLOSER....WTF....WHY PAKISTAN

(According to CONFERMED Agency resources INDIAN PM said PAK PM tht if PAK win there will b severe DAMAGE to MUSLIMS LIVED in india) due to which GILLANI hav another logic to put PRESSURE on AFRIDI

There's no way left behind for AFRIDI...:'(

AFRDI ELEVEN na chate hue b match harray.....


Now many of u asked why DON'T afridi announces it on i make u remmember THIS IS DA NATION WHERE THE CASE OF MISSING PERSON IS NOT SOLVED TILL AFTER 10 YEARX

He has his own family 3 DAUGHTERS.....every pakistani knw THAT IN PAKISTAN THERE IS NO VALUE OF LIFE ONLY 1 BULLET REQUIRE


i jst want that every PAKISTANI know what is happening with our real HEROES

Why Afridi didnt confirmed the toss wether it was heads or tails ?

becax it already has written wht AFRIDI ELEVEN has to do...:((

this man updated his statux as BOKKIE UPDATE yesterday at 2:51 pm (30 MARCH) that india will score nearly 260+ runs....abt pakistan fall of wicketx & every thnk....

This is the link of his PROFILE(

link ov his STATUX (

he set privacy now.....every think happenx like he said


And Shahid Afridi addressed the nation in a way our president never has – unselfish, genuine, modest. So when Afridi apologized to Pakistan, millions listened and were humbled by the gesture. Our eyes filled with tears and our hearts with love and strange kind of sorrow. Shahid Afridi, you need not apologize to the nation.

Cricketers, you made us patriotic. You made us passionate. You made us proud.u UNITE us as a NATION

1ST time in the history ov PAKISTAN,people of pakistan give a warm wellcome to their team istead of the results they win or lose this means WE R IMPROVING AS A NATION...:))


(Awwwe, I simply love the part where Afridi talks to the little girl walking with him. Can't get even of it!! I wonder what they were talking :)

Is that really rian in LAHORE or TEARS OV A NATION.....:(((



Friday, April 1, 2011

Breaking News Famous comedian Liaqat soldier dies of heart attack

Breaking News KARACHI: Famous Pakistani comedian Liaqat Soldier passed away after a heart attack here on Wednesday. He started his acting career in 1973 and performed in more than 250 television plays. He participated in Cnewsworld’s special transmission of the World Cup semifinal and left the world on the same day. Several television celebrities, including Moin Akhtar, Shahzad Raza, Ismail Tara eexpressed their grief over his untimely death. Famous comedian Moeen Akhtar expressed his deep grief over the sudden demise of Soldier. “He was one of the great stage comedians of Pakistan,” he said.

Thanks God i record his last happy apperance on geo tv Good Morning Pakistan. ALLAH JANAT NASEEB KRY>AMEEN MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE...AMEEN


Shahid Afridi & Indian Media & Dil hy Pakistani & Shahid Daughter .mp4