Saturday, December 20, 2014

Things that many regrets in life

According to psychological studies, humans display the utmost honesty and truthfulness about themselves and those around them at the time of their death. 

The last words of a man on his deathbed can be his biggest confession. There is no doubt that true Muslims would, at that time, wish to win the pleasure of God. 

People often do certain things that they later, in hindsight, regret. I would like to mention the hypothetical wishes of some prominent individuals who said that they regretted their failure to accomplish certain things in life. The following are ten such regrets:

One: Spending insufficient time with one’s family and children. It is true that we do not spend enough time playing with our children.

Two: Not seeking good friends who would be useful companions in old age. Many of us often miss the opportunity to make good friends.

Three: Not realizing that happiness does not involve working long hours at the expense of family life.

Four: Neglecting one’s health through unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits.

Five: Failure to realize long-cherished aims and goals due to not taking key decisions at the right time.

Six: Failure to take advantage of golden opportunities at work due to an unknown fear.

Seven: Spending several years thinking about what other people think, but then realizing that what other people think does not affect one’s happiness.

Eight: Not paying proper attention to young people and talented individuals who ask for help.

Nine: Not giving proper attention to voluntary work or helping people when one was young, and not setting aside enough money for one’s old age.

Ten: Failure to pursue long-cherished ambitions and aspirations.

The above will help readers re-examine their lives and priorities so that they will not have anything to regret later in life.

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