Thursday, January 12, 2012

Girls are Amazing !!!

Girls Are Someone Who:

-Takes a Walk in the house with
a Toothbrush.. :P

-Reads the Text on the
Shampoo bottle in the Shower..

-Laugh at Their Jokes when
They haven't even Shared it
with Others yet.. :)

-They can Read something
10 Times without
Understanding It.. :$ :$ :P

-They Push the door when it
clearly says "PULL" .. :P :D

-They ask "What?" when They
clearlyUnderstand everything..

-Hate it when the Wind messes
Their Hair up.. :|

-Look in the fridge 10 times
without eating anything..!! ;) :P

-Have to Call Their Own Phones
to find it.. :P

-Check the Time on Their
Phones when They are wearing a
Wrist Watch.. ^_^ :P

-Turning Their Pillow around so
They Sleep on the cold Side.. :)

-When They stay up Late, They
Count how many hours of Sleep
they wll get.. :D :D

-Smiling While Reading This!!! :) :) ♥

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