Thursday, November 12, 2009

Its Love

You came to me when I least expected
You showed me what I had so neglected
You told me that I shouldn't have been rejected
You lighted my life & made me feel accepted...

You set me free from all the pain I had
You kept me cool when I was near so mad
You made me realise the courage I had
You rain my soul with care I need so bad...

You gave me hope so I can live again
You made my dreams become real and sane
You brought me sunshine through a window pane
You are my whole life,my priceless gain...

Its amazing
Its blessing
Its so loving
Its mesmerizing...


  1. i really like ur poetry
    keep it up

  2. thanks but its not my poetry , but i havve a strong wish that something should happend like that with me ...waiting for somthing like that ..